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Cheap, simple and reliable service for creating pdfs from html

Don’t waste your time fiddling with libraries, just use our api

And yes, we do have a free tier

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Let's talk numbers

Every month, the first 100 html to pdf conversions are free.

If you are going to generate more files than the 100 free you must first charge your account with credit (minimum $10) after this HexPDF charges $0.01 for each pdf you generate.

We never reset your balance, so you can use your credit in 2 days or over 3 years.

1,000 conversions 100 Free + 900 x $0.01 = $9

Key features

Fast conversion

The Average conversion time is 800 milliseconds

Focus on privacy

The conversion process happens completely in-memory, your content is never written to desk, and is gone the second the conversion is over

Builds on serverless

HexPDF runs on serverless computing power, this means almost infinite scaling on demand, while sustaining low costs

Headers and footers

You can specify the content of the headers and footers section on each page with variable support for e.g page numbers

Pre-built SDK’s

HexPDF currently has ready to roll SDK’s developed for C#, JavaScript and php